Столетия службы Армия США 1775-2004
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Centuries of Service: THE U.S. ARMY, 1775-2005

David W. Hogan, Jr.

Special Publications

CMH Pub 70-71-1, Paper

2000, 2006; 48 pages

GPO S/N: 008-029-00417-8

Centuries of Service is the right title for this readable and informative brochure. Since 1775 the United States has grown from a loosely organized confederation of thirteen English colonies to a superpower whose influence reaches around the globe. Over the course of American history, as David W. Hogan Jr. writes, one can truly say of the Army: "When it was needed, it was there," first as the shield of the Republic during its vulnerable early years and later as a means to project power in defense of American interests worldwide. Hogan examines the full range of the Army's contributions: its vital role in the growth and development of the nation, its dedicated efforts to preserve the Union during the Civil War, and its defense of the United States against external threats through to modern day. Because of the ready availability of disciplined and trained personnel, the Army has also been involved in a wide array of nonmilitary assistance/intervention tasks, such as internal improvements, natural disaster relief, economic assistance, domestic order, and a host of other contingencies. The Army answered the call and continues to do so.

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