Maurice Isserman Korean War
29.10.2011, 18:42

Korean War

Автор: Maurice Isserman

Издательство: Chelsea House Publishers

Год: 2010

Формат: pdf (e-book)

Язык: английский

Размер: 36,1 Мб

Believing it could act with impunity in a world exhausted by war, communist North Korea decided to invade and annex Western-allied South Korea in June 1950. President Harry Truman, who feared from the beginning that Korea was "the opening round of World War III," committed U.S. troops to repulse the invaders. America's first "limited" warand the first armed conflict of the cold war erahad begun. Three years of brutal fighting followed, leading to the deaths of more than half a million North Korean and Chinese soldiers, and more than 50,000 Americans. Korean War,Revised Edition recalls this momentous but largely forgotten event from recent American history through riveting full-color and black-and-white images, informative sidebars, suggestions for further reading, a glossary, and an index. A new chapter to this edition focuses on the new military tactics and innovations used during this armed conflict.

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