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The Bazooka
[ ] 20.06.2012, 20:39

The Bazooka (Osprey Weapon 18)


Автор: Gordon L. Rottman
 Издательство: Osprey: 2012
 Серия: Osprey Weapon 18
 ISBN: 1849088012
 Формат: PDF : 4 Mb
 Страниц: 82
 Язык: English
 Most belligerents entering World War II armed their infantry with bulky and ineffectual anti-tank rifles as their primary means of combating tanks. US planners realized that what infantrymen needed was a relatively lightweight, man-portable anti-tank weapon that was simple to operate, accurate, and capable of knocking out the average tank at a reasonable range, while also being effective against fortified buildings, pillboxes, and personnel in the open. The bazooka combined a revolutionary new anti-tank rifle-grenade warhead, a much-modified British anti-aircraft rocket motor, and a cobbled-together launcher tube and electrical firing system; its first test-firing astounded observers, and it was immediately adopted by the US armed forces.


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