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The Sten Gun (Osprey Weapon 22)
[ ] 24.11.2012, 18:50

The Sten Gun

Автор: Leroy Thompson
 Название: The Sten Gun
 Издательство: Osprey Publishing
 Серия: Osprey Weapon 22
 ISBN: 1849087598
 Год: 2012
 Формат: PDF (e-book)
 Страниц: 82
 Размер: 7 Mb
 Язык: English
 The Sten submachine gun – officially the ‘Carbine, Machine, Sten’ – was developed to fulfill the pressing British need for large quantities of cheaply produced weapons after Dunkirk, when German invasion was a very real possibility. Over four million were built during World War II, and the Sten was widely used by airborne troops, tankers, and others who needed a compact weapon with substantial firepower. It proved especially popular with Resistance fighters as it was easy to conceal, deadly at close range, and could fire captured German ammunition – with a design so simple that Resistance fighters were able to produce them in bicycle shops.


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