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Air Force Magazine №10 2020
[ ] 10.11.2020, 11:27

Air Force Magazine

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Год / месяц: 2020/11

Номер: 10

Страниц: 73

Формат: PDF - 7 MB


Air Force Magazine - журнал  Ассоциации военнослужащих и ветеранов ВВС США.

8 Q&A: Balancing Act
Lt. Gen. David S. Nahom, USAF deputy chief of staff for plans and programs, speaks with John A. Tirpak about balancing immediate and long-term readiness.
30 Joining Up on the F-15EX
By John A. Tirpak
The Air Force prepares to welcome the first new F-15s since 2004.
36 Rare Elements of Security
By Alyk R. Kenlan
The U.S. moves to ensure a robust supply chain for rare-earth elements—beyond China’s control.
40 Erasing Artificial Barriers
By Amy McCullough
The Air Force is making it easier for women to be aviators—and to keep flying should they choose to have children.
44 Close Encounters of the Familiar Kind
By Brian W. Everstine
Competition with Russia intensifies across the Northern Hemisphere.
47 Humble, Approachable Experts
By Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory
For USAF’s Weapon’s School, teamwork is the recipe for excellence.
52 The Promise of Skyborg
By Mark Gunzinger and Lukas Autenried
Low-cost attritable UAVs raise the ante for adversaries seeking to challenge USAF.
56 Balloonists in the Family Tree
By John T. Correll
The first chief of the air arm was a pilot—but not an airplane pilot.
62 Air Force Association Almanac Compiled by Chequita Wood Statistics, awards, and history.



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