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Air Force Magazine №3 2020
[ ] 19.04.2020, 13:14

Air Force Magazine

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Год / месяц: 2020/4

Номер: 3

Страниц: 59

Формат: PDF - 10 MB


Air Force Magazine - журнал  Ассоциации военнослужащих и ветеранов ВВС США.

28 The Hypersonics Push
By John A. Tirpak
Pentagon leaders provide a first look at plans for testing and producing future hypersonic weapons.
32 The Tanker Gap
By Brian W. Everstine
USAF’s budget seeks to swap capacity now for capability in the future, but TRANSCOM is leery.
36 Missile Testing in the GBSD Era
By Rachel Cohen
A new era in land-based nuclear weapons could usher in changes to the Air Force’s missile test regime.
41 The Budget and the Truth
By Amy McCullough
Pass-through funds inflate USAF spending by almost
25 percent, hiding the truth from friends and foes alike.
Is this the year it finally ends?
44 Range Roving
By Jennifer Hlad
Japan’s Draughon Range is now among the most sophisticated training areas in the world.
48 Survivors of the Storm
By Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory
In the face of repeated natural disasters, Puerto Rico’s
Air Guard proves resilient.
52 The Future of RAF-USAF Integration
By Air Chief Marshal Mike Wigston
Constant competition and confrontation with rivals demand evermore cooperation among allies.
56 The Difference in Korea
By John T. Correll
Without U.S. air power, United Nations forces would have lost Korea in 1950.



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