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Air Force Magazine №4 2018
[ ] 01.03.2018, 18:23

Air Force Magazine

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Год / месяц: 2018/4

Номер: 4

Страниц: 68

Формат: PDF - 12 MB


Air Force Magazine - журнал  Ассоциации военнослужащих и ветеранов ВВС США

12 Speeding Up Space
By Wilson Brissett
Should USAF’s operationally responsive space o ice morph into a rapid capabilities o ice for space?
16 Bombers in 2050
By John A. Tirpak
USAF plans to retire the B-1 and B-2 in the 2030s, while the B-52 remains in service until 2050.
22 The Tanker’s Trying Time
By Brian W. Everstine
After a tough 2017, the KC-46 tanker is inching closer to reality.
27 The Wright Decision
By Gideon Grudo
CMSAF Kaleth Wright is working to get airmen’s lives back in balance.
34 Red Air For Hire
By Amy McCullough
The Air Force needs every fighter it can spare for realworld missions. Are private aggressors the wave of thefuture?
42 DOD Senior Leaders
Compiled by Chequita Wood
Who’s who in the Trump defense administration.
46 Rocket Science
By Gideon Grudo
The Air Force makes military space look easy. It is not.
52 Intercepting the Bear
By John T. Correll
The Tu-95 Bear is still flying — and still testing air defenses around the perimeter of North
58 Doc’s Saga
By Frederick A. Johnsen
Getting the B-29 Doc flying again took decades of perseverance.


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