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Air Force Magazine №8 2018
[ ] 29.06.2018, 15:25

Air Force Magazine

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Год / месяц: 2018/8

Номер: 8

Страниц: 68

Формат: PDF - 12 MB


Air Force Magazine - журнал  Ассоциации военнослужащих и ветеранов ВВС США


20 The Great Hypersonic Race
By John A. Tirpak
The race is on to be the first great power to field hypersonic weapons. The US has already fallen behind.
26 Mobility Boom
By Brian W. Everstine
Air Mobility Command seeks strategic solutions to meet unrelenting, unpredictable demand.
34 The All-in-One Kill Chain
By Jennifer Hlad
The 379th AEW is like a scale model of the operational Air Force.
38 Making the Most of Military Space
By Steve Hirsch
Realignments, reorganizations, and proposals are legion.
44 Science Projects with Purpose
By Gideon Grudo
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency remains at the frontier of scientific and technological discovery. The stakes may have never been higher.
48 Old Bombers, Making History
By Brian W. Everstine
B-1s and B-52s have kept the heat on enemies in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
56 Eisenhower’s Farewell Warning
By John T. Correll

Ike’s 23-word shot at the military-industrial complex took on darker meaning as it was picked up and repeated

2 Editorial: For Korea, the Hard Part Comes Next
By Adam J. Hebert
President Trump’s summit with Kim Jong Un broke the mold.
3 Letters
4 Index to Advertisers
6 Forward Deployed
By Jennifer Hlad
7 Aperture
By John A. Tirpak
10 News From The Daily Report: Ambush Reponse; Certifying Nukes; Airmen Receive DFCs; and more ...
18 Infographic: Transporting the President
By Mike Tsukamoto
32 Screenshot
43 Verbatim
62 Wingman: Rosie the Riveter Memorial Gardens; AFA  National Leaders
64 Namesakes: Whiteman


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