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Approach №6 2014
[ Скачать с сервера (1.28 Mb) ] 29.12.2014, 21:09


Год / месяц: 2014/11-12
Номер: 28
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF -  1,3 MB

The Navy & Marine corps aviation safety magazine

3. The Dirty Way to Souda Bay
LTJG Alex Fletcher
When you’re trying to tank and burning more fuel than your receiving, your signal is “Divert.”
8. Sliding into Home
LT Richard A. Bowers
A flight instructor faces the unexpected.
10. With or Without an HRS Bar?
By LTJG Grant Daiss
A white-knuckled primer on pitch-and-roll limits.
13. Into the Abyss
By LT Nicholas Rezendes
They don’t call them “Rules to live by” for nothing.
15. Where Did the Ship Go?
By LCDR Jeremiah Binkley
I was sure that if he said he “had it,” he had it. Then the fun began.
17. High, Hot, and Heavy — Beware!
By LCDR Paul Flusche
A very experienced aircraft commander dodges some drama.
18. That Nagging Feeling
By LT Kory Keymer
Dumping fuel: No problem. Forgetting to stop: Problem.
23. Practicable? What Does That Mean, Exactly?
By LT Joel Strong
Who makes the call, the pilot in command or the ship?


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