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Armor №1 2018
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Год / месяц: 2018/1-3

Номер: 1

Страниц: 84

Формат: PDF - 6 MB


ARMOR is a professional-development magazine published by the U.S. Army Armor School. The Chief of Armor provides the magazine as a forum for the Soldiers and leaders under his proponency to explain, digest or debate Army and Armor Branch doctrine, policy or other career-related issues or information. ARMOR focuses on Armor and Cavalry Soldiers up to the battalion and brigade level as well as on Army-wide concerns and issues that affect Armor and Cavalry formations.

4 Regionally Aligned Force Success in Europe Relies Heavily on Logistics Planning
MAJ Sarah Gilbert
9 Using Logistics Release Point Meetings to Mitigate Persistent Friction Points in Cavalry Squadron Operation
CPT Blake Niewenhuis
13 Fusion Cell: The Bridge Between the Warfighter and Sustainment During Dagger Resolve (2/1 Armored Brigade Combat Team’s Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration)
LTC Brian J. Ketz, MAJ William P. Gumabon, CPT John R. Lakso and 1LT Evan T. Kowalski
19 Lessons Future Security Force Assistance Brigades Should Consider
LTC Stu James and CPT Andrew Kydes
24 Unifying the Brigade Combat Team Information-Collection Effort
CPT Bradley M. Wellsandt
29 Maneuvering the Armored Brigade Combat Team in Restrictive Terrain
COL Steven J. Adams
33 Reconnaissance-in-Force Russian Style
Lester W. Grau
40 The Military Decision-Making Process: a Blueprint for Developing Your Unit’s Mission-Essential Task List Crosswalk
CPT Jonathan Hawkins
48 Instituting Organizational Change at Company Level
CPT Daniel Rowe
54 Their Leadership and Ownership: Concepts for Warfare By, With and Through
COL J. Patrick Work


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