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Год / месяц: 2021/5

Номер: 2

Страниц: 92

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ARMOR is a professional-development magazine published by the U.S. Army Armor School. The Chief of Armor provides the magazine as a forum for the Soldiers and leaders under his proponency to explain, digest or debate Army and Armor Branch doctrine, policy or other career-related issues or information. ARMOR focuses on Armor and Cavalry Soldiers up to the battalion and brigade level as well as on Army-wide concerns and issues that affect Armor and Cavalry formations.

5 Home Remedy to Treat Issues with Combat-Arms Gender Integration: One Dose of Engaged Leadership and Two Doses of Education
MAJ Demarius Thomas
9 The British 1918 Campaign in Palestine: A Perspective For Multi-Domain Operations
MAJ Kyle Trottier
19 Better Training Begins Without Powerpoint
COL Joseph E. Escandon
26 ‘The Armor Will Stand’
CPT Adriano Santiago Garcia (Brazilian army)
30 Future U.S. Marine Corps Tank Support
U.S. Marine Corps CPT Joseph G. DiPietro
33 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade Adviser Successes in Colombia
MAJ Gregory Royse and CPT Ryan Mumma
36 The S-3 and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
MAJ Bradford Dooley
40 Shaping the Fight: Operational-Level Cavalry in the Civil War
MAJ Nathan Jennings
47 The Russian Army and Maneuver Defense
Dr. Lester W. Grau and MAJ Charles K. Bartles

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