Field Artillery Professional Bulletin 2020 №2
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Field Artillery Professional Bulletin

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Год / месяц: 2020/4-6
Номер: 2
Страниц: 36
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF - 4 MB

The Field Artillery Professional Bulletin serves as a forum for the discussions of all U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps Field Artillery professionals, Active, Reserves and National Guard; disseminates professional knowledge about progress, development and best use in campaigns; cultivates a common understanding of the power, limitations and application of Fires, both lethal and nonlethal; fosters Fires interdependency among the armed services, all of which contribute to the good of the Army, joint and combined forces and our nation.

3 Farewell from the 53rd Field Artillery Commandant
BG Stephen G. Smith
4 Improving brigade combat team intelligence collection operations for large-scale combat operations
Observations and best practices from the Joint
Multinational Readiness Center
MAJ William Denn, MAJ Jason Turner and CPT Adam Wojciechowski
8 Delivering timely Field Artillery fires
MAJ James Thomasson
12 If you are in a fair fight, division did something wrong
DIVARTY’s role in the division targeting process and predictive fires
MAJ Matthew Boudro, MAJ Benjamin Griffin and MAJ Duane Clark
16 Flexibility in the fires enterprise
LTC Derek Baird
20 The Multi Domain Task Force from a division artillery headquarters
MAJ Branton Irby and CPT Austen Boroff
26 Muzzle velocity management
CPT Andrew T. Patterson
30 Balance is not a four letter word
LTC Daniel Von Benken
34 RANGERS LEAD THE WAY ...and so do the Ranger Fire Supporters
Lethal Fire Support for the Army’s Premier Raid Force

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