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Fires №3 2014
[ ] 13.06.2014, 17:38


Год / месяц: 2014/5-6
Номер: 3
Страниц: 72
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF - 36.44 MB

The Fires Bulletin is a joint professional publication for U.S. Artillery professionals

4 The Constant in a Changing Environment
By MG Mark McDonald
6 Leadership and Ethical Decision Making
By 1LT William D. Garza
9 Audience Focused Training
By CPT Joshua A. Urness
12 Standing in the Breach
By Mr. Jim Gleckler
18 A Fire Support Officer in a Combat Aviation Brigade
By MAJ Anthony J. Bianchi
22 Bright Shiny Objects
By Capt. Daniel Grazier USMC
26 Challenges for Field Artillery in the Decisive Action
Training Environment
By MAJ Rod McClain, CPT Norm Brem, CPT Trenin Spencer, and
1LT Don Gillilan
31 Techniques for the Adaptive, Agile Artilleryman
By CPT Westly T. LaFitte
40 Red, Amber, Green... and Ready?
By CPT Gregory Gemedschiew
42 Learning to Operate While Sprinting to the Start of
a Marathon
By Captain Edward A. Guelfi
46 Excalibur Home Station Live-Fire Training
By LTC Gary C. Leroux
51 Five Requirements of Accurate Fire for the 21st
By CPT Brock Lennon
52 Leave Counter-Indirect Fire to the Redlegs
By CPT Kevin A. Chesnut
59 Handheld Devices and Forward Observers
By Lt. Col. Larry Glidewell
61 Resurrecting the Coast Artillery
By LTC (Ret.) Stephen L. Melton
64 Fires and Effects Retrograde Operations
By CPT Rod O’Connor
68 Demonstrating the Future of Air and Missile
By COL Rob Rasch, LTC Rob Sleasman and MAJ Jason Carney
70 Acronym List


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