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Год / месяц: 2018/5-6
Номер: 3
Страниц: 72
Язык: Английский
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The Fires Bulletin is a joint professional publication for U.S. Artillery professionals

3 The Fires complex Organizing to win in large-scale combat operations
By Col. Chris Compton and Lewis Lance Boothe
8 Shaping the division fight Targeting doctrine reapplied
By Maj. Gen. Joseph Martin and Col. Rory Crooks
14 Big data meets King of Battle Methods for improving Army’s cannon artillery system
By Maj. Jonathan Erwin
22 Multi-domain operations Communicate first, shoot, then move
By 2nd Lt. Daniel Osika
26 What is old is new again Field Atillery in megacities
By Capt. Geoff Ross
30 The future of Fires software AFATDS and JADOCS
By Chief Warrant Officer 3 Christopher Thompson
36 Multi-domain task force takes on near-peer  operations
By Col. Christopher Wendland
38 Challenges in NATO fire control and digital interoperability
By Lt. Col. Derek Baird
44 PCS like a pro
By Rickey Paape, Jr.
46 Increasing multi-domain capability Joint force training approach to third offset strategy
By Maj. Rich Farnell, Maj. Shane Williams and Capt. Chandler Rochell
49 Thunder from the sea Naval surface fire support
By Col. Brian Duplessis
56 Integrating offensive and defensive Fires to defeat indirect fire attacks
By Capt. Mary Jocelyn
60 ADAM/BAE keys to success at National Training Center
By Capt. Abbey Carter
64 A way to execute the brigade targeting process
By Lt. Col. Jonathan A. Shine
67 U.S. artillery on the Korean Peninsula then and now Incorporating past lessons to posture future operations
By Capt. Joseph Schmid and Capt. Adam Wilson
74 Emerging air defense challenges Unmanned aerial systems
By 1st Lt. Nicholas Culbert
76 In the next issue of Fires

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