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Fires №4 2014
[ ] 15.08.2014, 06:00


Год / месяц: 2014/7-8
Номер: 4
Страниц: 64
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF 27.14 MB

The Fires Bulletin is a joint professional publication for U.S. Artillery professionals

4 Joint Fires Interoperability
By MG John Rossi
6 The Field Artillery Reorganization to Conduct
Operational, Joint and Multination Fires
By COL William A. Turner
8 Fires and Strategic Landpower: Achieving
Mass with Less
By USMC Maj. Stephen Ford, USMC Capt. Christopher
Cichy, and CPT Colin Marcum
12 Leveraging Intelligence in the Division
By CPT Justine Meberg
13 Regional Experts
By LTC (Ret.) Jeffery J. Gudmens
17 Joint Deployable Intgrated Air and Missile
By LTC Glenn A. Henke
21 Joint Counter Low, Slow, Small Unmanned
Aircraft Systems Test
By MAJ (Ret.) F. Patrick Filbert and USAF Maj. (Ret.)
Darryl Johnson
23 Full Spectrum Operations and Coalition
By 1LT Dwight Hicks
25 Talk More Sustainment, Less Tactics with
Afghan Forces
By CPT Kyle Wolfley
28 The Evolution of Fires Expansion in
By CPT Joshua P. Hollingsworth
31 A Warhorse Joint Fires Observer
By MAJ Timothy Gatlin, CW3 Christopher Meekins,
CW2 Daniel Padilla and SFC Spencer Polwort
34 Enhancing Fires with Next-Generation
Narrowband SATCOM
By CPT Patrick A. Schrafft
40 Fire Support Conversion BCT 2020
By LTC Cory J. Delger and 1LT Anthony R. Padalino
44 Awakening the King
By 1LT Neel Vahil
46 Repairing a Damaged Partnership
By CPT Seth Hildebrand
50 Targeting in Support of a Regionally Aligned
By MAJ Timothy Gatlin, CW3 Christopher Meekins and
CW2 Daniel Padilla
53 Apaches and Afghan Gunnery Computers
By CPT William R. Kern
58 Operation Active Fence
By CPT Felipe Albino
60 Fires Bids Farewell to Print
By Rick Paape, Jr.
62 Acronym List


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