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Год / месяц: 2018/9-10
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The Fires Bulletin is a joint professional publication for U.S. Artillery professionals

3 Air Defense Artillery School House changes leadership, McIntire continues to serve ADA
By Stephen Robertson
4 Hello from the U.S. Army Field Artillery School
By Brig. Gen. Stephen Smith
6 Accelerating multi-domain operations Evolution of an idea
By Gen. Stephen Townsend
9 The Army Multi-Domain Targeting Center Increasing the rate and volume of cross-domain capabilities
By Col. Yi Se Gwon
12 Fires Battle Lab leads multi-domain experiment
By Marie Berberea
14 The future of field artillery Merging with air defense
By 1st Lt. Taylor A. Maroni
17 Winter warfare Supporting maneuver in ice, snow cold
By 1st Lt. Anthony Lombino
19 Yuma Proving Ground remains on artillery cutting edge
By Mark Schauer
21 HIMARS forward basing/aircraft tethering concepts
By Col. Joe Russo
24 Enabling a force field artillery The necessity of protection
By Capt. Nicholas Calangi
26 Enabling decisive action in Korean theater of operations
By Lt. Col. Michael Fisher
28 Letterkenny Army Depot overhauls Avenger system
By Nora Zubia and Ron O’Donnell
29 Targeting with a combined staff
By 2nd Infantry ROK/US Combined Division
32 Running estimates for a fire support officer
By Capt. Timothy Lewin
38 Fires solutions for the division targeting board
By Maj. Gen. (retired) Richard Longo and Lt. Col. Jeff Schmidt
43 The right way to rehearse at NTC
By Lt. Col. Jonathan Shine
45 The ground liaison officer Blending art, science to achieve success
By Capt. Victor Cortese and Capt. Jesus Urrutia
48 Fire support for the aviation task force
By Capt. John Walsh
51 The utility of MVVWEAR in enhance muzzle velocities
By Capt. Michael Wish
57 Defining the corps fight
By Col. Christopher Wendland
64 In the next issue of Fires

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