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Fires №6 2013
[ ] 11.12.2013, 19:31


Год / месяц: 2013/11-12
Номер: 6
Страниц: 72
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF - 13.02 MB

The Fires Bulletin is a joint professional publication for U.S. Artillery professionals

4 The US Army National Guard & Reserve Fires Force
By MG Mark McDonald
6 A Great Time to be Air Defense in the National Guard &
By BG Don Fryc
8 The Field Artillery of the National Guard & Reserves
By BG Christopher F. Bentley
10 Sun Tzu and Accurate Predictive Fires
By MAJ Keith R. Williams
14 BSEP/FAST Support of FCoE Training and the ALC 2015
By Jim Gleckler
16 Adapting the National Guard Training and Mobilization
Focusing on the Future
By CPT Matthew J. Mangerson and 1LT John R. King
24 Honing ADA Skills with Joint Partners
By 1LT Ryan Bayne
26 Skystriker Response
By MAJ Jeff Porter and CPT Danielle DiCicco
30 Distributed Mission Operations Air Defense Artillery
By Mr. Matthew J. Villa and LTC Kimberly D. McGavern
34 Linking Fires and Intelligence:
Redefining the Brigade Fire Support Rehearsal
By MAJ David E. Violand and MAJ Charles E. Noll
40 PEO Soldier Supports the Next Forward Observer
Precision Fires Warrior
By MAJ Alex Mora and Scott McClellan
42 Ammunition Management in Decisive Action
Training Environment
By MAJ Andy Dugger, CPT J.J. Dwyer, CPT Norm Brem and 1LT Ryan Pretty
45 Survivability of Firefinder Radars During Unified Land
By CW3 Chad A. Cavender and SSG Donald Cullen
50 Is HIMARS a New Direct Support Weapon?
By MAJ Pablo F. Diaz
56 Partnering to Set the Future:
The Battalion Perspective on Operation Spartan Shield’s Partnership
By MAJ Jason W. Atkinson and MAJ Joseph W. Ruzicka
64 Partnered ANSF Targeting in a Joint Environment
By CPT Steven Kournianos
66 Regaining the Fires Edge:
An Artillerized Model for Post OIF/OEF Fires Training
By COL Brian R. Nesvik and LTC Gregory S. Phipps
69 Sold on Space
By MAJ Brian J. Gerber and MAJ Dirk P. Crawford


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