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Fires №6 2016
[ ] 31.12.2016, 20:30


Год / месяц: 2016/11-12
Номер: 6
Страниц: 78
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF 48 MB

The Fires Bulletin is a joint professional publication for U.S. Artillery professionals

Organizational domain
The key to future air defense artillery structure
By Brig. Gen. Randy McIntire 6
The United States Field Artillery
By Col. Stephen Maranian 7
Multi-function air defense units for maneuver force
By Capt. Douglas Brown 10
Tomahawks and Red Lions
By 1st Lt. Michael Edwards 13
Bringing digital capabilities to the field artillery squadron
By Chief Warrant Officer 2 Ryan Groves and Chief Warrant Officer 2
David Zamora 16
Archer achieving accuracy
Manual fire direction across a Universal Transverse
By 1st Lt. Thomas Devane and 1st Lt. Geoffrey Poss 22
Fighting battery operations at
the National Training Center
Lessons learned from a decisive action rotation
By Capt. William Fleming 24
Modern radar Can one radar fit all?
By Col. (Retired) Kurt Heine and Dr. Phil
Reiner 28
Keeping the king on his throne, part II
The timely delivery of multinational Fires
By Maj. Jason Carter, Maj. Joshua Severs and Capt. Robert Auletta 38
Entangled history
How the field artillery and air defense artillery separated
By Dr. Boyd Dastrup 43
Executing effective decisive action Fires based on observations at the National Training Center
By Maj. Fred A. Janoe 52
Setting pace for expeditionary precision Fires in an immature theater
By Maj. Charles M. Knoll, Capt. Anthony R. Padalino, Capt. Michael F.
Dunn, and 1st Lt. William C. Fleshman 58
Countering the UAS threat from a joint perspective
By Lt. Col. Jeffrey Lamport and Col. (retired) Anthony Scotto 64
Bridging multinational joint Fires interoperability with competent fire support liaison
By Capt. Kyle L. McGillen 67
The legacy of The Great War on the development of American air defense
By Col. Matthew Tedesco 71
In the next issue of Fires 78


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