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Joint Force Quarterly №90 2018
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Joint Force Quarterly

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Год / месяц: 2018/7-9
Номер: 90
Страниц: 110
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF - 3 MB

Joint Force Quarterly - Ежеквартальный Журнал Министерства обороны США

2 Executive Summary
4 Intelligence in a Data-Driven Age
By Cortney Weinbaum and John N.T. Shanahan
10 Strategic Shaping: Expanding the Competitive Space
By Terrence J. O’Shaughnessy, Matthew D. Strohmeyer, and Christopher D. Forrest
16 The Future of the Aircraft Carrier and the Carrier Air Wing
By Michael E. O’Hanlon
JPME Today
24 568 Balls in the Air: Planning for the Loss of Space Capabilities
By Chadwick D. Igl, Candy S. Smith, Daniel R. Fowler, and William L. Angermann
30 Transregional Capstone Exercise: Training for Tomorrow’s Fight
By William A. Buell, Erin Dorrance, and Robert West
36 The Case for Joint Force Acquisition Reform
By Michael E. McInerney, Conway Lin, Brandon D. Smith, and Joseph S. Lupa
42 U.S. Special Operations Command’s Future, by Design
By Charles N. Black, Richard D. Newton, Mary Ann Nobles, and David Charles Ellis
50 Enhancing Global Security Through Security Force Assistance
By Keith D. Smith
53 Cooking Shows, Corollas, and Innovation on a Budget
By Mike Jernigan and Jason Cooper
60 Bombs, Not Broadcasts: U.S. Preference for Kinetic Strategy in Asymmetric Conflict
By Cole Livieratos
68 Beyond the Gray Zone: Special Operations in Multidomain Battle
By James E. Hayes III
74 Reverse Engineering Goldwater-Nichols: China’s Joint Force Reforms
By Shane A. Smith, Thomas Henderschedt, and Timothy D. Luedecking
84 Don’t Shoot the Messenger: Demosthenes, Churchill, and the Consensus Delusion
By Michael P. Ferguson
92 Defending the AEF: Combat Adaptation and Jointness in the Skies over France
By Bryon Greenwald
Book Reviews
101 The Forgotten Front
Reviewed by Andrew Byers
102 The Logic of American Nuclear Strategy
Reviewed by Michael Fitzsimmons
104 Defense of the West
Reviewed by Sten Rynning


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