MI Professional Bulletin №2 2017
29.06.2017, 17:36

Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin


Год / месяц: 2017/4-6

Номер: 2

Страниц: 64

Формат: PDF - 9 MB


The U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence published the Fall Quarter Issue of the Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin (MIPB). MIPB presents information designed to keep intelligence professionals informed of current and emerging developments within the field and provides an open forum in which ideas, concepts, tactics, techniques, and procedures; historical perspectives, problems and solutions, etc., can be exchanged and discussed for purposes of professional development.

Observations from a Year as the Brigade S-2 Observer-Coach-Trainer at the Joint Readiness
Training Center
by Major Nathan Adams
The Brigade Combat Team Intelligence Staff Officer Course
by Major Jason Buchanan and Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Covert
The Keys to Success: Integration between the Brigade Combat Team S-2 and the Military
Intelligence Company
by Chief Warrant Officer Two David Pierce
Systemic Challenges within a Brigade Combat Team Military Intelligence Company
by Captain Grace Lu
Distributed Common Ground System - Army in the Brigade Combat Team: The Path
to Success and Mastery
by Lieutenant Colonel Jim Reed, Chief Warrant Officer Two (P) Rob Buckley, and Mr. Devin Rollis
Speaking a New Language: MI Gunnery
by Captain Jamie B. DeSpain, with Chief Warrant Officer Two Trevor J. Kinzel, Warrant Officer One
Paul A. Crawford, and Warrant Officer One Jasmin J. Johnson and First Lieutenant Joseph L. Honeycutt
Intelligence Reachback Genesis
by Chief Warrant Officer Two Aaron Wolfgang and Chief Warrant Officer Three Keegan Guyer
Establishing an Intelligence Reachback Cell
by Chief Warrant Officer Two Orrin Thompson
Combat Aviation Brigade Intelligence Operations
by Chief Warrant Officer Two Tia Caywood
Opposition Forces versus Rotational Training Unit Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems at the Joint
Multinational Readiness Center
by Lieutenant Colonel Matthew T. Archambault, Captain Franklin G. Peachey, Captain Sean D. Hayball,
and Staff Sergeant Drew D. Lincoln
Overcoming One-Handed Punching: Insights on Breaking the Barriers to Integration
by First Lieutenant Ross Stergios Nikides
Defensive Cyberspace Operations Intelligence Support
by Colonel David Kim, Colonel James Adams
Intelligence Training Management: Noncommissioned Officer Training Strategies
by Chief Warrant Officer Four John K. Kenned

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