MI Professional Bulletin №3 2018
29.09.2018, 17:36

Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin


Год / месяц: 2018/7-9

Номер: 3

Страниц: 112

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The U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence published the Fall Quarter Issue of the Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin (MIPB). MIPB presents information designed to keep intelligence professionals informed of current and emerging developments within the field and provides an open forum in which ideas, concepts, tactics, techniques, and procedures; historical perspectives, problems and solutions, etc., can be exchanged and discussed for purposes of professional development.

What is the Intelligence and Security Command For?
by MG Christopher S. Ballard, COL Nichoel E. Brooks,
LTC Jarred M. Lang, MAJ Christopher D. Thornton, CPT Charles F. Nadd, CPT Gretchen L. Pace, and
Mr. Thomas J. Stokowski
The U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command at Four Decades Part I: Inception
by Mr. Michael E. Bigelow
Seeing the Elephant: INSCOM’s Exercise of Mission Command
by LTC Ryan H. Beery
Intelligence and Security Command Mission Command
by Mr. Richard Harfst and Mr. Thomas Stokowski
The Army Intelligence Program of Analysis
by Ms. Rita McIntosh, Ms. Kelly Nelson, and
Dr. Crisanna Shackelford
Setting the Theater: A Critical Intelligence Function
by MAJ James Chester
Efforts in Africa: The New Frontier
by CW5 David Bassili and CW3 James Macfarlane
The U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command at Four Decades Part II: Winning the Cold War (1981 to 1989)
by Mr. Michael E. Bigelow
Return of the Technical Control and Analysis Elements for Theater Signals Intelligence Support
by Mr. Scott R. Hammon
How INSCOM Supports Intelligence Readiness in Europe
by Mr. Steve Hughes
The Stage: Land of Interrupted Calm
by COL Derrick S. Lee and MAJ Margaret Dervan Hughes
The U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command at Four Decades Part III: Regional Conflicts and Drawdown (1989 to 2001)
by Mr. Michael E. Bigelow
MODERNIZING FOR GREATER LETHALITY– Innovation and Modernization: INSCOM’s Aerial Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
by LTC Tony K. Verenna, LTC Keith A. Haskin, MAJ Trevis
C. Isenberg, Mr. Stephen A. Gasparek, and Mr. Marco
A. Garavito
OSINT: Increasing Readiness by Leveraging the Digital Environment
by Mr. Daniel Zieminski
The U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command at Four Decades Part IV: Global War on Terrorism
by Mr. Michael E. Bigelow
The Road to the Data Strategy for Army Intelligence
by Mr. Kirk G. Brustman, Mr. Erik K. Christensen,
Dr. Holly A. Russo, LTC Russel J. Edmiston, and
Mr. Richard H. Saddler
Developing a Big Data Strategy: Where We Are and Where We Need to Go
by COL Ingrid Parker
Army Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination
Capabilities: Adapt, Evolve, Innovate
by CW3 Otis Griffin III
Building a Strong Europe Through Collaborative Intelligence
by COL David W. Pendall and LTC Christopher J. Heatherly
Joint Certification of Service Human Intelligence
Collector Training and Professional Development
by CW5 Joseph P. Lancaster
MG Oliver W. Dillard Award by MAJ Jason Elphick
BG Roy M. Strom Award by MAJ Jason Elphick
A Tribute to Military Intelligence Legend Lieutenant
General James Arthur Williams
by COL Nichoel E. Brooks and CPT Jessica A. Tarsa

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