Special Warfare 2010 №4
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Special Warfare

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Special Warfare   - журнал  центра армии США Джон Ф. Кеннеди  и школа специальной войны, Форт-БрэггЗадача - содействие профессиональному развитию сил специальных операций, обеспечивая обсуждение для экспертизы существующей доктрины и новых идей.

выходит раз  в два месяца

9 A Flexible Force

The Training Development Division of the JFK Special Warfare Center and School is working to develop a number of new courses, based on new requirements from the operational force.
12 Practice Makes Perfect
The ARSOBCTC, part of the JFK Special Warfare Center and School’s Army Special Operations Capabilities Integration Center, is the hub for all ARSOF battle-command training and the only organization within the United States Special Operations Command available to conduct CJSOTF-level MRX events.
14 Navigating the Human Terrain
A critical imperative of Army special operations is the ability to understand the operational environment. In an environment as complex and challenging for United States military personnel as Iraq, the capacity to thoroughly understand the human terrain and civilian influence within a region is essential to attaining mission success.
21 On the Border
In an effort to assist the Guatemalan administration in thwarting a growing drug-trafficking threat, United States government agencies are working with the Guatemalan Division of Anti-Narcotic Information and Analysis.
4 From the Commandant
6 Update
25 Career Notes
27 Book Reviews

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