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Год / месяц: 2023/6

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ARMYAVIATION is a professional military publication reporting on news and developments pertinent to the field of U.S. Army Aviation and is the official publication of the Army Aviation Association of America, Inc., (AAAA).

ARMYAVIATION provides an essential public forum for the current and future leaders in the military community. Each issue offers in-depth coverage of a specific development or program within U.S. Army Aviation along with dynamic, easy-to-read feature articles from key offices, agencies, and operational units worldwide. Provides updates on congressional legislative affairs; news on people, events and issues of interest to the members of the Army Aviation Association.

10 Army Aviation Branch Chief’s Corner
By MG Michael C. McCurry II
12 This Is Your Army
By LTG Jonathan P. Braga
14 USASOAC Commander Update
By COL Scott D. Wilkinson
18 USASOAC Command Chief Warrant Officer Update
By CW5 Wade C. Ziegler and CW5 Robert “Buddy” Epting
20 USASOAC Command Sergeant Major Update
By CSM Robert Armstrong III
22 Combat Readiness Center Update
By LTC Sean O’Connell
24 Reserve Component Aviation Update
By Ms. Christina Engh
26 128th Aviation Brigade Update
By SSG Kevin Johnson
28 CCDEVCOM Tech Talk
By Mr. Stephen Janny
30 Ask the Flight Surgeon
By MAJ (Dr.) Jelaun Newsome
SPECIAL FOCUS — Army Special Operations Aviation
32 Grappling With Change In Training Organizations
By MAJ Michelle Lassiter
34 Imaginative Innovation: SIMO Leaping Ahead
By CW5 Andrew Jameson
36 Recruiting for SOA Following the drawdowns from Iraq and
MAJ Chris Mason and 1SG Adam Riker

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