US World War II Amphibious Tactics
29.05.2004, 17:27

US World War II Amphibious Tactics

Автор: Gordon L. Rottman
Издательство: Osprey Publihing Limited: 2004
Серия/ номер в серии: Elite /117
Формат: PDF: 35 Mb
Страниц: 68
Язык: English

Одним из достижений ВС США во Второй мировой войне - разработка десантных операций. Этого требовала обстановка, а значит надо было учиться, пробовать и оттачивать.

The US armed forces were responsible for many tactical innovations during the years 1941–45, but in no field was US mastery more complete than amphibious warfare. In the vast, almost empty battlefield of the Pacific the US Navy and Marine Corps were obliged to develop every aspect of the amphibious assault landing in painstaking detail, from the design of many new types of vessel, down to the tactics of the rifle platoon hitting the beach, and the logistic system without which they could not have fought their way inland. This fascinating study offers a clear, succinct explanation of every phase of these operations as they evolved during the war years, illustrated with detailed color plates and photographs.

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