The Texas Rangers
09.01.2003, 06:06

The Texas Rangers

 Автор: S.Hardin
 Издательство: Osprey
 ISBN (eng): 1855321556
 Язык: English
 Количество страниц: 64
 Формат: PDF (scan)
 Размер файла: 12 Mb

The Texas Ranger is one of the most cherished symbols of the Lone Star State. While the Alamo is the undisputed symbol of Texas, the Ranger stands as an enduring symbol of the people of Texas. The Rangers were first formed to protect their neighbours from Indian attack, later they fought and died in a war for freedom, and staved off foreign invasion. Some Rangers died with glory at the Alamo, while many more were wounded, or died, in anonymity at dozens of obscure places. This volume by Dr Stephen L Hardin charts the history of this remarkable force from the 1820s through to the present day.

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