Tip of The Spear №1 2022
01.03.2022, 17:27

Tip of The Spear

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Год / месяц: 2022 /3
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Tip of The Spear - (Наконечник копья) - журнал Командования спецопераций ВС США
Headquarters, United States Special Operations Command

Theater Special Operations Commands Human rights as an operational necessity ... 4
First Marine selected as SOCCENT’s senior enlisted leader ... 6
Special Operations Command Europe announces establishment
of forward deployed headquarters in Albania ... 8
U.S. Army Special Operations Command
Three Soldiers awarded Medal of Honor at White House ... 10
Northern Strike “Ice bath:” Military, local emergency responders team up for extreme hypothermia training ... 12
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company trains with Special Forces during exercise Sage Eagle ... 14
3rd Batallion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) participates in Sage Eagle 22-2 ... 16
Naval Special Warfare Command
Naval Special Warfare celebrates 60th anniversary of SEAL teams ... 18
Air Force Special Operations Command
2021: AFSOC’s year of innovation ... 20
Cyber Commandos offer unique capability to joint force ... 22
Combat Aviation Advisors participate in airdrop competition ... 24
A catalyst for change: Ghana Air Force Lt. Col. provides international perspective on military aviation ... 26
Marine Forces Special Operations Command
Marine Raider awarded Navy and Marine Corps Medal for Valor ... 28
USSOCOM deputy commander retires after 37 years of service ... 30
USSOCOM’s Warrior Care Program hosts its 2022 conference virtually ... 32
Fighting with fire – Red SOF opportunities at the JMRC ... 34
Ralph Johnson Bunche: From Office of Strategic Services to peacemaker ... 36
Fallen Heroes ... 39

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