TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-8 U.S. Army Concept for Multi-Domain Combined Arms Operations at Echelons Above Brigade 2025-2045
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U.S. Army Concept for Multi-Domain Combined Arms Operations at Echelons Above Brigade 2025-2045

Концепция применения в многосферных операциях формирований сухопутных войск США от бригады и выше (2025–2045)

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This concept describes six challenges in the expanded multi-domain operations framework and how future Army forces gain and maintain the initiative across the competition continuum, the full range of military operations, and each unique area of responsibility to meet those challenges. The concept is nested and congruent with the current draft version 1.5 of the Multi-Domain Operations concept.

The Army’s four strategic roles—shape security environments, prevent conflict, prevail in large-scale ground combat, and consolidate gains—clarify the enduring reasons for which the Army organizes, trains, and equips, and provide a lens to focus development of future EAB capabilities. To enable these roles against complex near-peer threats across the continuum of competition, EAB formations and commanders must be able to see and understand the depth of the battlespace, including across all domains, the electromagnetic spectrum, and the information environment; decide on a course of action that converges multi-domain capabilities at a decisive point with increased speed and tempo to shape the battlespace for success through cross-domain action and maneuver and strike the enemy at multiple decisive points or spaces; and possess the endurance to maintain positions of advantage while consolidating gains.

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