The Military Balance 2019
18.01.2020, 11:24

The Military Balance 2019

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New in the 2019 edition

Complementing its regional analysis, the book carries detailed assessments of defence developments in China, Russia and the United States. There are also features on Belarus, Chile, Iraq, Sweden, South Africa and Thailand, among others.

New thematic texts analysing challenges in nuclear arms control: past and present; quantum computing and defence; and defence analysis over the 60 years of The Military Balance.

New global domain-trends section, covering economics, land, maritime, aerospace and cyber.

New regional opening pages, highlighting major trends and detailing key data points, such as top-ten active military personnel and tactical combat-aircraft fleets.

New regional arms orders and deliveries sections, outlining significant defence-procurement events in 2018.

Updated comparative defence-statistics section, with graphics showing key data relating to defence economics and major land, sea and air capabilities, including brigade structures in China, Russia and the US and anti-air-warfare surface combatants and operators.

Updated summaries of national military capability, at the start of each country entry.

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