James H. Willbanks Vietnam War Almanac
26.03.2010, 19:48
HTML clipboardJames H. Willbanks Vietnam War Almanac
Издательство: Facts On File
 Серия: Almanacs of American Wars
 Автор(ы): James H. Willbanks
 Язык: English
 Год издания: 2009
 Количество страниц: 609
 ISBN: 978-0-8160-7102-9
 Формат: pdf (e-book)
 Размер: 7,53 mb
 The Vietnam War was one of the most controversial and divisive events in American history since the Civil War. Stretching from approximately 1957 to 1973, this watershed event cost billions of dollars and claimed the lives of thousands of Americans. Containing a detailed, day-by-day chronology of the events and people involved in the Vietnam War, the new "Vietnam War Almanac" also features an A-to-Z biographical dictionary of the key figures involved in the conflict, along with a comprehensive listing of vital statistics in the appendix. Maps, illustrations, and an extensive bibliography aid further research and complete this invaluable almanac. Смотри также
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