Field Artillery Professional Bulletin 2021 №2
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Field Artillery Professional Bulletin

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Год / месяц: 2021/4-6
Номер: 2
Страниц: 48
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF - 3 MB

The Field Artillery Professional Bulletin serves as a forum for the discussions of all U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps Field Artillery professionals, Active, Reserves and National Guard; disseminates professional knowledge about progress, development and best use in campaigns; cultivates a common understanding of the power, limitations and application of Fires, both lethal and nonlethal; fosters Fires interdependency among the armed services, all of which contribute to the good of the Army, joint and combined forces and our nation.

3 From the FA Commandant
By BG Andrew D. Preston
4 A Message from the USAFAS
Command Sergeant Major
By CSM Michael J. McMurdy
6 Now is the time
For a Force Field Artillery Proficiency Test
By COL Bryan L. Babich, MAJ Frederick (Fritz)
J. Carr, and MG (R) Richard Longo
12 Division Fires in the sandbox
Observations from a division-level rotation
at the National Training Center
By LTC Derek R. Baird
16 Synchronizing Fires
Trigger Math 101
By MAJ George L. Cass
20 Managing Talent
Field Artillery Majors to the Mission
Command Training Program Post-Key and Developmental
By MAJ James (Jim) Bean and MAJ Josh Jacquez
26 The 4th Infantry Division’s Field
Artillery Intelligence Officer
Leveraging JADOCS to enable Joint Fires
By CW2 Adam G. Connolly
30 The Red Ruse
A look at near-peer deception tactics for a Large Scale Combat Operation fight
By CPT Mark Chapman
34 Operation Bull Wings
A Multi-Domain Solution for Rapid Fires
Power Projection within the Indo-Pacific
By CPT Joseph D. Schmid
38 National Training Center
Observations on how to improve the employment and effectiveness of digital
Calls for Fire processing FY 2020
By MAJ James “Jim” Nemec and COL Thomas “Tom” Caldwell
42 DIVARTYs in 2021 and beyond
Much more than “Everything old is new again”
By Dr. John Grenier
46 Combined Arms Training Strategy
A critical tool for the operational planner
By LTC Eric J. Kunak and Mr. Gregory D. Plant with special
thanks to Mr. Houston E. Lesley and Mr. Jimmy F. Monk

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