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Год / месяц: 2019/5-6
Номер: 3
Страниц: 56
Язык: Английский
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The Fires Bulletin is a joint professional publication for U.S. Artillery professionals

US Army Air and Missile Defense 2028
Lt. Gen. Donald M. Lionetti passes away
Russian artillery fire control for large-scale combat operations
Aviation fire support in the decisive action training environment
Corps force Field Artillery headquarters lessons learned
Combined ADA training
U.S. Army officer completes training course at
German Air Force Air Defense Center at Fort Bliss
Targeting in multi-domain operations
Preparing for artillery operations in a GPS denied environment
Enhancing rocket artillery certification with the trainer pod
Returning SHORAD to Europe, part I
Establishing the foundation
Airspace clearance of Fires using “ghost guns” geometries
Responsive Fires in the deep fight
US Artillery in WWI: Part 2 of 3
ROK-US alliance set for deterrence of provocation
Ballistic missile defense security in the Middle East through foreign military sales; the key to develop a robust combined air missile defense strategy
The end of static defense
Air Defense Artillery in large-scale combat operations today


In the next issue of Fires
July-August 2019, Adaptable Fires for multi-domain operations. How is the Fires force operating as part of the joint dynamic to penetrate and disintegrate enemy anti-access and area denial systems; exploit the resulting freedom of maneuver to defeat enemy systems, formations and objectives and to achieve strategic objectives; and consolidate gains to force a return to competition on terms more favorable to the U.S., allies and partners? This issue will also discuss the Army Multi Domain Targeting Center’s mission and Fires force modernization to be effective in multi-domain operations.
The deadline for submissions is June. 1, 2019. Send your submissions to or call (580) 442-5121 for more information.

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