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Год / месяц: 2018/7-8
Номер: 4
Страниц: 72
Язык: Английский
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The Fires Bulletin is a joint professional publication for U.S. Artillery professionals


3 Rocket artillery and its place in decisive action
By Capt. Clint Custer
7 Learning to speak maneuver
By Capt. Joshua Urness
10 Fires supporting maneuver
The need for an update
By 1st Lt. David Brister
12 The 2017 Knox, Hamilton and Gruber Awards
16 Resurrecting the light cavalry’s fire support
Restructuring the IBCT squadron fire support teams to maximize capability
By Capt. Kyle Robert East
18 Head, heart, gut
A personal, ethical decision-making methodology
By Lt. Col. Seth Hall
21 E-62nd THAAD and Patriot interop success
By Sgt. 1st Class Sergio Arana and Sgt. 1st Class Marcus Wofford
22 Brigade deep battle 2.0
UAV-Fires teaming in support of the brigade deep fight
By Capt. Joseph Schmid
25 US air defense artillery foreign advising
The strategic NCO leveraging the operational art
By Maj. Christopher Garnett
27 Reactive counterfire
An algebraic approach
By Chief Warrant Officer 3 Jeremy Taylor and Capt. Steven Hojnicki
32 Preparing air missile defense, joint force against near-peer threat
By Maj Bryan A. Card
36 Artillery’s role in sea-based expeditionary Fires
By Maj. Adam Ropelewski
38 Big sky, little bullet
Tackling the Army’s airspace and joint Fires integration problem
By Maj. Daniel Threlkeld
42 Rethinking risk, airspace for decisive action
By Lt. Col. Dave Pasquale
48 Going the extra 1,000 miles
Preparing a field artillery brigade for a near-peer adversary
By Maj. Rich Farnell and Capt. Brennan Deveraux
52 In the next issue of Fires

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