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Tip of The Spear

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Год / месяц: 2020 /12
Номер: 5
Страниц: 40
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Tip of The Spear - (Наконечник копья) - журнал Командования спецопераций ВС США
Headquarters, United States Special Operations Command

Theater Special Operations Commands
Air Commandos, NATO allies conduct a combined readiness exercise in Baltic Sea region ... 4
US, Swedish Special Operations Forces conduct major joint exercise with air, land and sea assets ... 6
Conducting pre-flight checks during bilateral exercise in Sweden ... 8
US SOF, Nepal take partnership to great heights ... 10
US, Japan sharpen skills during exercise Keen Sword 21 ... 12
First Colombian JSOFSEA graduate poised to continue lasting partnership with the US ... 14
U.S. Army Special Operations Command
Combat Divers submerge inside Cheyenne Mountain ... 16
JBLM Soldier receives Soldier’s Medal for heroic life-saving actions ... 18
Naval Special Warfare Command
NSW observes National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month ... 20
SEAL conducts freefall training ... 22
Air Force Special Operations Command
‘A Tribute to persistence:’ SecAF presents Air Force Cross to Cannon Special Tactics Airman ... 24
Groundbreaking AFSOC pilot retires ... 26
Providing Airmen predictability through four-cycle force generation ... 27
Dedicated crew chiefs say farewell to Tail Number 1303 ... 28
Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command
Marine Special Operations Team executes direct action night raids ... 30
Special Operations Forces Wounded Warriors receive specialized brain-health care ... 32
SOCOM Commander connects with West Point seniors, talks leading through adversity ... 34
SOFWERX, community partners build adaptive pontoon boat for retired, injured Green Beret ... 35
Tampa dedicates Gold Star Families Memorial in downtown MacDill Park ... 36
Fallen Heroes ... 39

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