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Tip of The Spear

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Год / месяц: 2021 /12
Номер: 6
Страниц: 40
Язык: Английский
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Tip of The Spear - (Наконечник копья) - журнал Командования спецопераций ВС США
Headquarters, United States Special Operations Command

Theater Special Operations Commands
US special operations forces train alongside partners in Mauritania ... 4
US SOF conduct joint combined exchange training with Senegalese partners ... 7
7th Special Operations Squadron conduct bi-lateral training with British Royal Marines ... 8
US service members work with local orphanage, immerse in Korean culture ... 10
Combat mentality, exercising the mind for special operations ... 11
SOCNORTH training on Shemya Island ... 12
U.S. Army Special Operations Command
FIA Formula 3 driver visits 7th SFG(A) wounded warriors ... 14
Naval Special Warfare Command
Alaskan native Solomon Atkinson: Family man, patriot and countryman ... 16
SECNAV visits Naval Special Warfare Command, West Coast units ... 18
Naval Special Warfare Logistics Support Unit 1 celebrates 20th Anniversary ... 20
Naval Special Warfare maritime training evolution ... 22
Air Force Special Operations Command
Two MC-130Hs Combat Talon II return from Afghan deployment ... 25
Athletic trainer invaluable to special operations mission ... 26
Pushing to the limit: Special Tactics Airmen compete together for Team USA Bobsled ... 28
24th SOW vice delivers keynote speech at Women Veterans Memorial unveiling ... 30
Marine Forces Special Operations Command
Guns up: Marine Raiders conduct company-level ranges ... 32
Green Beret talks resilience through life-changing injury ... 34
U.S. Special Operations commander visits Hungary ... 36
Fallen Heroes ... 39

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