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Fires №3 2017
[ ] 28.04.2017, 21:31


Год / месяц: 2017/3-4
Номер: 3
Страниц: 64
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF 31 MB

The Fires Bulletin is a joint professional publication for U.S. Artillery professionals

The future of the Fires enterprise
By Col. Stephen Maranian 5
The 2016 Knox, Hamilton and Shipton Awards
By the U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery School 6
The 2016 Knox, Hamilton and Gruber Awards
By the U.S. Army Field Artillery School 10
Some new, some old, all necessary
The multi-domain imperative
By William Dries 14
Fort Sill experiments with future military capabilities
By Monica Guthrie 19
Future Army cross domain Fires
Bridging tomorrow’s implications with initiatives today
By James Howard 23
Scalable control interface
An asymmetric advatage in the multi-domain environment
By Col. Paul Cravey and Maj. Ariel Schuetz 28
Responsive rockets through proactive airspace management
By Capt. Brennan Deveraux 31
Wargaiming multi-domain battle
The base of sand problem
By Shawn Woodord 36
Joint air ground integration
A recognized Army problem that can be solved
By Maj. Keith R. Williams 38
Solar powered artillery solves more than environmental issues
By Capt. Michael Wentz 40
Deep Fires in a distributed battlefield
By Jason Miller 42
Fighting Fires with Fires
The synchronization of two headquarters
By the 75th Field Artillery Brigade and 3rd Infantry Division Artillery 43
The lost art of observation planning
By Lt. Col. Jack Crabtree, Lt. Col. Jonathan A. Shrine,
and Capt. George L. Cass 48
Collection management at the National Training Center
By Chief Warrant Officer 2 Aziz Smith and Chief Warrant Officer 3 Ferman Barnes 53
Winning at the National Training Center
A fire support perspective
By Lt. Col. Timothy Mungie and Maj. Jason E. Turner 57
Short Range Air Defense returns to National Training Center
By Lt. Col. Thomas Genter and Capt. John Nastus 59
In the next issue of Fires 62


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