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Air Force Magazine

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Год / месяц: 2019/12

Номер: 10

Страниц: 61

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Air Force Magazine - журнал  Ассоциации военнослужащих и ветеранов ВВС США.

18 USAF Chief of Sta‡ Gen. David L. Goldfein’s Media Recommendations
33 16th Air Force Launches Info Ops for the Digital Age
By Rachel S. Cohen
The new numbered Air Force will lead operations in the information domain.
38 The Raider Takes Shape
By John A. Tirpak
Four years into development, the Air Force is starting to reveal more about the B-21 bomber.
44 30 Million Square Kilometers
By Brian W. Everstine
Across Africa, US troops must rely on a patchwork of solutions for emergency rescue and evacuation.
49 Paying for the Air Force We Need
By Mark Gunzinger and Carl Rehberg
After two decades of cuts and high op tempo, USAF’s budget must be rebalanced to fund growth and modernization.
56 The Ups and Downs of Close Air Support
By John T. Correll

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