Approach №2 2015
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Год / месяц: 2015/3-4
Номер: 2
Страниц: 28
Язык: Английский
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The Navy & Marine corps aviation safety magazine

2. More Than Just a Parts Run
By LT Roy Walker
Things went well – but only because of a lot of good headwork and decisions.
5. A Freezer in the Desert
By LT Douglas DeVuono
What happens when you come across an emergency that has neither a caution nor a procedure?
7. How I Helped ATC Win an Award
By LT Brandon Gasser
A pilot has four reasons for pressing the weather – none of them good enough.
10. Crew Risk Management Dangers
By LT David Hicks
The holes in the Swiss cheese line up to produce a frightening near-miss.
14. Good Communication Saves the Day … Again
By LT Jason Orletski
After using all elevator trim, a pilot confirms that something wasn’t right with the aircraft.
16. How the “Minor” Issue Got Upgraded
By LCDR Matthew Stewart
Known issues weren’t “downing” discrepancies, but they sure added to task-saturation
18. Over Malaysia, Your Signal Divert
By LT Christopher Nigus
Lack of preparation for executing a bingo profile wastes critical seconds.
20. Where’d That Bomb Go?
By LT Tom Crisp
Two similar Y-intersections, unrecognized INS drift, and a “buddy lase” goes bad
24. Surprising the Guys in the Back
By LT John Stuber VRC-40
Dodging a potentially disastrous fail-to-feather scenario.

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