MI Professional Bulletin №1 2017
29.03.2017, 17:36

Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin


Год / месяц: 2017/1-3

Номер: 1

Страниц: 64

Формат: PDF - 11 MB


The U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence published the Fall Quarter Issue of the Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin (MIPB). MIPB presents information designed to keep intelligence professionals informed of current and emerging developments within the field and provides an open forum in which ideas, concepts, tactics, techniques, and procedures; historical perspectives, problems and solutions, etc., can be exchanged and discussed for purposes of professional development.

Brigade Intelligence Training Strategies
by Major James King
Evaluating Cooperation: Improving Screening and Assessment Training
by Chief Warrant Officer Three David Clark
MI Gunnery: Why and How?
by Chief Warrant Officer Four Martin Schwerzler and Chief Warrant Officer Four Michael Works
How Intelligence NCOs Develop Training – A Pragmatic Approach
by Sergeant First Class William A. Freund
Training in the Special Forces Military Intelligence Detachment
by Captain Joshua Blanc
Preparing Military Intelligence Officers to Win in Complex Environments: What Army Leaders
and Military Intelligence Captains Career Course Students Need to Know
by Captain Patrick C. Mulloy and Captain Cameron P. Dean
Enhancing Unit Training Using Concepts from the Small Group Instructor Training Course
by Dr. Macaela Cashman
Training Adaptive Counterintelligence Professionals
by James L. Mader
Managing Training for Human Intelligence Tradecraft
by Chief Warrant Officer Two Patrick Gruber
2016 Military Intelligence Majors’ Solarium
by Captain Andrew Nesbitt and Captain Molly McIntyre
Theater-Defensive Cyberspace Operational Intelligence Support: Maneuvering Through Cyberspace
by Lieutenant Colonel Jason Dickinson
Challenges of Multinational Human Intelligence Operations in a Combined-Joint Operating Environment
by Chief Warrant Officer Three Sean A. Idol

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