MI Professional Bulletin №2 2019
11.05.2019, 17:22

Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin

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Год / месяц: 2019/4-6

Номер: 2

Страниц: 108

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The U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence published the Fall Quarter Issue of the Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin (MIPB). MIPB presents information designed to keep intelligence professionals informed of current and emerging developments within the field and provides an open forum in which ideas, concepts, tactics, techniques, and procedures; historical perspectives, problems and solutions, etc., can be exchanged and discussed for purposes of professional development.

Army Special Operations Intelligence: Capable and Ready
by COL Patrick Wempe
Army Special Operations Forces Data Integration Initiative
by Mr. William D. Goss and Mr. James A. Gordon
The 75th Ranger Regiment Military Intelligence Battalion: Modernizing for Multi-Domain Battle
by MAJ Paul A. Lushenko
ATP 3-05.20, Special Operations Intelligence
by CPT Brandon Bragg
An Excerpt from ADRP 3-05, Special Operations
Countering Violent Extremist Organization High-Profile Attacks
by 1LT Adria K. Penatzer
Reconnaissance Found: Redefining Army Special Operations Forces Integration
by MAJ Orlando N. Craig, CPT William P. Hurt, CPT Albert W. Oh, and 1SG Christopher B. Melendez
Issues, Goals, Influence, Vulnerabilities, and Opportunities: Key Intelligence Considerations
for Irregular Warfare
by Mr. Marcus Canzoneri, Mr. Richard Oakley, and Mr. David Walther
Intelligence Support to Unconventional Warfare
by LTC Thomas J. McCarthy (Retired)
Addressing Army Aviation Intelligence Training
by CW3 Brandon R. Mesa
U.S. Army Special Operations Forces Military Intelligence Training Strategy
by MSG Thad R. Heiges


ADP 2-0 Update
by Ms. Terri M. Lobdell
Best Practices for Communications, Common Operational Pictures, and Command Post Jumps
by MAJ Jared N. Ferguson, CPT Jeff W. Linzey, and CPT Casey L. Coyle
Targeting in Large-Scale Combat Operations
by MAJ Robin W. VanDeusen and MAJ Wesley N. Knight
Expeditionary-Military Intelligence Brigade at War
by COL Todd A. Berry and MAJ Lance C. Turner
State of the Intelligence Warfighting Function: Reflections from a Division G-2’s Perspective
by LTC Samuel P. Smith, Jr.
82nd Airborne Division Military Intelligence Training Strategy Lessons Learned
by LTC Michael Adamski and MAJ William Denn
Training to Win: 4th Infantry Division Experience with Warfighter Exercise 18-04
by LTC Thomas W. Spahr and CW3 Angelina Oliva
Soviet Shapers of the Russian Approach to Large-Scale Combat Operations
by Lester W. Grau, Ph.D.
Russian Force Structure for the Conduct of Large-Scale Combat Operations
by MAJ Charles K. Bartles
Analyzing an Underground Facility for Large-Scale Combat Operations
by CPT Nicholas G. Pena
Tactical Information Collection: How Intelligence Sustains the Faster Pace of Large-Scale
Combat Operations
by Mr. Ryan Owens

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