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Approach №4 2014
[ Скачать с сервера (2.09Mb) ] 29.08.2014, 20:56


Год / месяц: 2014/7-8
Номер: 4
Страниц: 36
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF -  2.5 MB

The Navy & Marine corps aviation safety magazine

3. Time Travelling
By AWR3 Cornelius Donnelly
Hmm, there’s the flight deck. What kind of landing are we doing? Why are we landing early?
8. What’s Different About Today?
By LT Aubrey Hodges
Another “simple” log run turns out to be guess what.
10. Just Another AIRNAV
By LT Andrew Kiehaber
How to land below SOP min fuel on deck, in one not-so-easy
12. Hypoxia Over Afghanistan
By LCDR Patrick Salmon
When you suspect hypoxia, you don’t have time for a leisurely self-evaluation – the clock is ticking.
14. You Can’t Land Here!
By LT Omar Sanusi
The day that three diverts almost weren’t enough.
17. Hydration and Fatigue: What’s the Connection?
By LT Phillip S. Dobbs, MSC; LCDR Thomas E. Sather,
MSC, CASP; and LCDR Daniel A. Foster, MC
Staying properly hydrated takes planning and conscious decisions, not just waiting until you’re thirsty.
19. Nocturnal BASH
By LT Matt Sumner and LT Joey Giordano
Why the black-crested night heron has “night” in its name.
22. First Flight
By LT Robert Delucca
Is there really any reason not to tell everyone aboard what’s going on?
24. Different Mantras
By LT Andrew Horvath
Two weeks of wrestling with a FLAP ASYM light, two weeks of risk management decisions.
27. Fighting Complacency One Autorotation at a Time
By LT Chris Krueger
When simulated emergencies become real emergencies, preparation isn’t just a nice-to-have.
30. Two More Minutes?
By Capt Chris Schwamberger, USMC
No fun in the simulator, and even less fun in real life.


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