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Approach №5 2015
[ Скачать с сервера (3.76 Mb) ] 30.10.2015, 13:20


Год / месяц: 2015/9-10
Номер: 5
Страниц: 36
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF -  4 MB

The Navy & Marine corps aviation safety magazine

3. 1000 and 3
By Capt Tyler Boring
Minutes add up when the temperature drops.
4. Lessons Learned From a Polar Plunge
By LT J. Trevor Dimarco
One squadron tests their limits in the cold.
8. Surviving the Cold
By LT Jon Hill
Having the right gear adds minutes and saves lives.
15. Phone a Friend
By LT Tom McKenna
When lights start flickering, call the maintainers.
18. Situational Awareness: When you think you have it, but don’t
By LT Jerome Teer and LTJG Joseph Izzo
Those who stick to the rules have fewer regrets.
20. There are Old Pilots and Bold Pilots
BY Maj CP Craig
But there are no old bold pilots
22. Communication Breakdown
By LT Sarah Davis
A mission commander in training faces first CRM scenario.
24. Miracle at Sea
By Capt Matthew Dineen, USMC
An engine failure occurs at the worst possible time.
26. The Galloping Horse
LTJG Jeffrey Ouimette
Good pilots aren’t ashamed to declare an emergency.
28. To Teach an Old Bird New Tricks
BY LT Kris Hawbaker and LT Brandon Pierce
TCAS proves to be a game changer in aircrew safety.
31. Hot off the Press!
By Nika Glover
New motorcycle safety magazine uses covert learning to reach riders.


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