Air Defense Artillery Journal 2021 №1
29.04.2021, 18:54

Air Defense Artillery Journal

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Год / месяц: 2021/1-4
Номер: 1
Страниц: 44
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF - 11 MB

The Air Defense Artillery Journal serves as a forum for the discussions of all U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery professionals, Active, Reserves and National Guard; disseminates professional knowledge about progress, development and best use in campaigns; cultivates a common understanding of the power, limitations and application of Fires, both lethal and nonlethal; fosters Fires interdependency among the armed services, all of which contribute to the good of the Army, joint and combined forces and our nation.

4 Leading with a PHD mindset
COL(P) Richard A. Harrison
6 Modernizing Air and Missile Defense
BG Brian W. Gibson
8 164th Air Defense Artillery answers the call in 2020
11 M-SHORAD units arrive to 5-4th ADA
Courtesy of Army Futures Command
12 M-SHORAD system completes testing on White Sands Missile Range
Drew Hamilton
14 Army leaders address AMD convergence at AUSA
Jason B. Cutshaw
15 Combined Task Force Defender Building a collaborative team on the Korean Peninsula
LTC Joseph “Roland” DeVries
18 Combatting the corrosives 38th ADA’s creative approach
Chaplain (MAJ) Mark A. Johnston
21 Nimble Fire from a warfighter perspective Capitalizing on leader growth and development
CW3 Kevin Kruthers
23 ADA struggles within the JAGIC
MAJ Danny Lee Rumley Jr.
28 Building cohesive teams on the Korean Peninsula during the COVID-19 era
1LT Avik-Ul Alam
30 Practice makes perfect 38th ADA proves ready to defend
SGT Raquel Birk
32 Operation Another One Bites the Dust
1LT Carla Dutt
35 Large-Scale Combat Operations
CPT Oren Rosen
40 Guardian Battalion response to COVID-19
CPT Eric S. Warren

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