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Год / месяц: 2015/11-12
Номер: 6
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The Navy & Marine corps aviation safety magazine

3. Avoiding a Balloon at 3,000 Feet
By LT Sean Anderson
A smudge becomes dangerously larger than life.
4. Nothing but a Shovel in the Jungle
By John Scanlan
Marines tackle the jungle to bring answers home.
8. Dutch Roll in the Conga Line
By CDR Dan Cochran
Sometimes having confidence is better than making quick decisions.
11. Effects of Nicotine use in Aviation
By LT Matthew Thayer Hall
Even top aviators risk their performance when nicotine is involved.
14. The Safety Stand Down: Reimagined
By LT Kevin Mazella and AM1 David Meador
The hands-on approach can be the best approach.
18. Not the Ideal Hawaii Vacation
BY LT Jake Hawley
Some vacations come as a surprise.
22. Tunnel Vision: Lack of Focus and Miscommunication
Leads to Mishaps
By LT Katrina Nietsch
Not checking the blind spots could cost a life.
24. Which Way is Right When You’re Flying Straight Up?
By LCDR Michael Miller
A pilot pulls his nose down into a collision course.
26. Passing Electric Wires at Night
By LTJG Robert Kaplan
An MH-60 nearly gets into a tangled web of wires.
28. Pending Hydraulic Failure - Immediate Pull Forward
By LT Ryan Hurlburt
The calm before a fire can be a warning signal.
31. The Not-So-Precision Approach
By LT David Farrell
Knowing how to read altitude could be the difference between life and death.

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