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Special Warfare 2010 №6
[ ] 09.12.2010, 10:27

Special Warfare

Год / месяц: 2010/12
Номер: 6
Страниц: 24
Язык: Английский
Скачать Файл: PDF - 1 MB

Special Warfare   - журнал  центра армии США Джон Ф. Кеннеди  и школа специальной войны, Форт-БрэггЗадача - содействие профессиональному развитию сил специальных операций, обеспечивая обсуждение для экспертизы существующей доктрины и новых идей.

выходит раз  в два месяца

06 A Few Good Men: Support Soldier Selection and Training

This article looks at the idea of establishing a selection process for support Soldiers. This concept is not unique; other units of the U.S. Special Operations Command, such as the Ranger Regiment and the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, or SOAR, require support Soldiers to meet high standards as a condition for assignment. The standard of each of these units reflects an emphasis on the role that quality human performance plays in mission success.
10 A Perspective on Special Forces Doctrine
The constant “catch-up” by SF how-to doctrine points out that, contrary to any delusions on the part of its proponents, it is always a step behind the reality on the ground. The certainty that our how-to doctrinal manuals are habitually outdated in describing the way things are
done in the field actually makes them limiting rather than enabling.
04 From the Commandant
05 Update
22 Career Notes
23 Book Reviews


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