Special Warfare 2011 №4
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Special Warfare

Год / месяц: 2011/10-12
Номер: 4
Страниц: 44
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Special Warfare   - журнал  центра армии США Джон Ф. Кеннеди  и школа специальной войны, Форт-БрэггЗадача - содействие профессиональному развитию сил специальных операций, обеспечивая обсуждение для экспертизы существующей доктрины и новых идей.

10 Out of Africa

CMSEs engage vulnerable populations in West Africa to counter the influence of violent extremist organizations.
16 Game Changers
An in-depth interview with Brigadier General Dadan Lawang, the commander of the Afghan National Army’s Special Operations Command. The development of a special forces capability is thought to be the “game changer” in Afghanistan.
20 Q&A with Brigadier General Edward M. Reeder Jr.
Brigadier General Edward M. Reeder Jr. discusses his tasking to create the Afghan Special Forces.
29 Thinking MISO: Linking Strategy to Selection
USSOCOM’s Command Strategy 2010 links the selection of MIS candidates to a suite of cognitive attributes that should be included in the assessment of Soldiers for the 4th MIS Group in order to meet national objectives.
32 SOF Leader Resources: The UW Auxiliary at Home
A strong family network — like a developed auxiliary — is a foundational asset that strengthens the Soldier, the unit and the mission.
04 From the Commandant
05 Update
08 Training Update
37 Career Notes
38 Fitness
40 New Equipment
41 Foreign SOF
42 Book Reviews
43 Opinion

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