Special Warfare 2011 №1
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Special Warfare

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Special Warfare   - журнал  центра армии США Джон Ф. Кеннеди  и школа специальной войны, Форт-БрэггЗадача - содействие профессиональному развитию сил специальных операций, обеспечивая обсуждение для экспертизы существующей доктрины и новых идей.

08 Special Operations as a Warfighting Function

SOF have played and will continue to play a major role in all facets of military operations, and it is imperative that all military leaders and planners understand SOF’s capabilities and limitations. The challenges posed in recruiting, training and employing large forces that can
operate in a manner similar to SOF are many and will not be addressed in this article. The author of this article understands that the necessity to understand special operations is in no way limited to the Army, but the article will address Army doctrine only, in order to address and foster discussion on the inclusion of special operations into the Army’s warfighting functions, or WfFs.
12 Defining War
The official, approved definitions pertaining to the missions, tasks and activities conducted by Army special-operations forces, or ARSOF, are clear and unambiguous.
They provide crisp and practical distillations that denote what ARSOF does. They provide a command azimuth for negotiating the hazards of a larger conceptual environment — an environment made more challenging by a dense conceptual fog.
22 The Future of MIS O
A review of PSYOP’s history; taking a brief look at definitions; showing the relationships of PSYOP to public affairs, or PA; information operations, or IO, and public diplomacy, or PD; and suggesting new ways we might think about PSYOP. Although PSYOP has been repeatedly misunderstood and misrepresented, MISO, as a means of informing and influencing foreign audiences, is as relevant in peace as in war and is vital to our nation’s defense. This discussion is intended to create a dialogue that may generate solutions to the unresolved issues and serve as the beginning of a more comprehensive definition of MISO as a force and capability.
04 From the Commandant
05 Update
30 Career Notes
31 Book Reviews

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