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Год / месяц: 2022/10

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ARMOR is a professional-development magazine published by the U.S. Army Armor School. The Chief of Armor provides the magazine as a forum for the Soldiers and leaders under his proponency to explain, digest or debate Army and Armor Branch doctrine, policy or other career-related issues or information. ARMOR focuses on Armor and Cavalry Soldiers up to the battalion and brigade level as well as on Army-wide concerns and issues that affect Armor and Cavalry formations.

5 Russia’s Developing Tank-Support Combat Vehicle Concept
Dr. Charles K. Bartles and Dr. Lester W. Grau
13 Expanding the Role of Mobile Protected Firepower for Army 2030
LTC (Retired) Lee F. Kichen and MAJ Aram Hatfield
19 Combat Vehicle Developments to Propel Army of 2030 – and Beyond
Dan Heaton
23 Modernized vs. Legacy Combat Engineer Companies-Armored: A Comparative Analysis
COL Anthony Barbina, CSM Robert Lake, MAJ Paul Wyatt, MAJ John Kearby and
1LT Catherine Lynch
28 Light Infantry Squad Vehicles: Keeping the Cavalry Lethal
1LT Charles B. Ovens
31 Mortars in Cavalry Troops: Current Problems and Potential Solutions from an Observer/Coach/Trainer Perspective
1SG Kenneth Reavis and CPT Lee Schafer Jr.
35 Tested Maintenance Principles from National Training

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