Surface Warfare Magazine 2012 Vol. 38
28.09.2012, 20:59

Surface Warfare Magazine

Год / месяц: 2012/7-9
 Номер: Vol. 38
Страниц: 52
 Формат: PDF - 5.57 MB
 Surface Warfare Magazine- (Борьба с надводными целями ) - журнал надводных сил ВМС США U.S. Navy’s Surface Forces

7 Surface Warfare
Directorate (N96)
Benefits from Staff
Re-organization Navy directorates at the Pentagon get re-aligned to ensure accountability and empowerment.
10 U SS Independence
(LCS 2) Sail Around
The littoral combat ship completes maiden voyage to homeport.
14 Fl eet Experimentation
Program Expedites New, Improved Capabilities to the Force
17 T he Other War
Drug interdiction in the South Seas is an ongoing mission for Navy, Coast Guard and partnered nations.
22 Surface Force
Comprehensive New Standard of Readiness Flexible plan will drive fleet forward in future operations.
26 27 Ships in 12 Months:
Improving Availabilities Today’s Reserves Tackle Wide-Array of Operations Seamless integration and assured access increases  interoperability in the fleet.
28 T he Navy’s Roots
Reflect its Future
Years of history compiled into one room reflect the Navy’s enduring consistency, flexibility, and durability.
1 V iews from the Fleet
2 C ommander’s Corner
4 Director’s Letter
8 Ins ide SW War of 1812
33 H istory
36 Ship in the Spotlight
38 I am a United States
40 Y ou’ve Got Orders
42 F it for Duty
44 Safety
45 Book Review
46 C hoose Your Rate
48 F aces IN the Ship
49 C hanges of Command

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