Air Force Magazine №5 2017 USAF Almanac 2017
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Air Force Magazine

Год / месяц: 2017/6
Номер: 5
Страниц: 92
Формат: PDF - 22 MB

Air Force Magazine - журнал  Ассоциации военнослужащих и ветеранов ВВС США

Life at Bagram
By Brian W. Everstine
As the number of US military forces in country declines, much still stays the same.
38 USAF Almanac 2017
40 The Air Force in Facts and Figures
• Structure of the Force
• People
• Budgets
• Equipment
• Grades and Insignia
• Awards and Decorations
67 Major Commands and Air Reserve Components
• Air Combat Command
• Air Education and Training Command
• Air Force Global Strike Command
• Air Force Materiel Command
• Air Force Reserve Command
• Air Force Space Command
• Air Force Special Operations Command
• Air Mobility Command
• Pacific Air Forces
• US Air Forces in Europe
• Air National Guard
80 FOAs, DRUs, and Auxiliary
• Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation
• Air Force Audit Agency
• Air Force Cost Analysis Agency
• Air Force District of Washington
• Air Force Flight Standards Agency
• Air Force Historical Research Agency
• Air Force Inspection Agency
• Air Force Legal Operations Agency
• Air Force Manpower Analysis Agency
• Air Force Medical Operations Agency
• Air Force Medical Support Agency
• Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations
• Air Force Office of Special Investigations
• Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center
• Air Force Operations Group
• Air Force Personnel Center
• Air Force Public Affairs Agency
• Air Force Review Boards Agency
• Air Force Safety Center
• Air National Guard Readiness Center
• US Air Force Academy
• Civil Air Patrol
82 Guide to Air Force Installations Worldwide
• Active Duty Installations
• ANG and AFRC Installations
95 Gallery of USAF Weapons
A directory of US Air Force aircraft, missiles, and other aerospace assets.
126 Leaders Through the Years
• The Nation’s Air Arm and Its
Early Leaders
• Headquarters USAF Leaders
• fMajor Command and ANG Leaders
• Historic Major Commands
• Headquarters DOD Leaders
• Unifi ed Command, National Guard Bureau, and NORAD Leaders
• Historic Unifi ed Command Leaders 138 Guide to Aces and Heroes
• Major Decorations
• Air Force Aces
4 Editorial: Stretch Mobility
By Adam J. Hebert
Excessive demand grinds away at USAF’s mobility force.
6 Letters
10 Index to Advertisers
11 Senior Staff Changes
12 Aperture: Zoomie in charge;
A long road back; Chinese stealth; Not the one, but the many ....
16 Forward Deployed: The tyranny of distance; Singular circumstances; Bolstering security; Supporting Somalia ....
18 Action in Congress: All Mattis on Deck
20 Verbatim
22 Screenshot
24 Air Force World
29 Infographic: What Is the Intelligence Community?
156 Namesakes: McConnell

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