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Год / месяц: 2020/3

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ARMOR is a professional-development magazine published by the U.S. Army Armor School. The Chief of Armor provides the magazine as a forum for the Soldiers and leaders under his proponency to explain, digest or debate Army and Armor Branch doctrine, policy or other career-related issues or information. ARMOR focuses on Armor and Cavalry Soldiers up to the battalion and brigade level as well as on Army-wide concerns and issues that affect Armor and Cavalry formations.

5 Regionally Aligned Forces Europe Produce Long-Term Readiness
LTC Dan Hodermarsky, MAJ Brennan Speakes and MAJ Oliver Davis
9 Achieving Platform Proficiency within a Heavy Cavalry Squadron
SFC Larry D. Finefield Jr.
12 Cavalry Operations in the Republic of Korea: Phase 0 Reconnaissance
CPT Colton C. Parr and CPT Andrew Robichaud
16 The Combined-Arms Breach in the Korean Theater of Operations: A Summary of Lessons-Learned
LTC Mark R. McClellan, CPT Christopher D. Mathews, CPT Sean T. Rabbitt,
1LT Lynn M. McCrum and 1LT Roman L. Burke
22 Sustaining the Counterfire Task Force-Korea
CPT Patrick O’Brien
24 Dakota First Responder
CPT Raymond Oberle
27 Generating Incentive and Motivation in the Cavalry and Armor Community
CPT Kyle D. Woods and CPT William C. Forrest
33 On the Employment of Cavalry
MAJ Amos C. Fox
40 Work the Problems: Tanker Thought
CPT Adriano Santiago Garcia
44 When Cavalry Attacks: The Battle of Palmetto Ranch, 1865
MAJ Nathan Jennings
48 It Is, So What, Therefore and Who Else Needs to Know! A Paradigm for Operations Centers
COL Harry “Zan” Hornbuckle
51 Improper CAS Integration

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